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Our Toolkit

Personal and Organisational Resilience and Risk Assessment Tools

CommuniCorp offer a range of diagnostic tools for maximising individual and work team performance through improved understanding of personal and organisational strengths and development areas.

Our personal and organisational resilience and team functioning tools have been specially designed to be practical and easy to use and to represent exceptional value for money.

To find out more about these insightful tools.

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Personal Resiliency Builder

Personal Resiliency Builder

The Personal Resiliency Builder (PRB) is a practical yet sophisticated online assessment tool developed to assist individuals to gain a better understanding of their personal resilience in the workplace.

It is a holistic assessment covering behavioural, emotional, social and physical wellbeing factors, all critical to the development of personal resilience.

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Work Dynamics Profile

Workplace Dynamics Profile

The Work Dynamics Profile (WDP) is a tool designed to provide a better understanding of the functioning of a particular work group or team. This information can serve to identify psychosocial risk factors that can be evident in teams that are struggling, as well as help good teams to be even better.

Trainers, coaches, consultants, and HR professionals use the WDP to help clients better understand team resilience factors and how their work groups or teams are functioning.

The Work Dynamics Profile addresses seven of the most critical factors:

• Leadership

• Teamwork

• Work Flow and Function

• Reward and Recognition

• Communication

• Workplace Wellness

• Engagement

The WDP can provide direction across various organisational situations such as:

Conflict Resolution - Not only can it be used as a “preventative” tool to identify risk factors that are emerging, but it also can be used to address current, ongoing situations.

Teambuilding - Dysfunctional interaction patterns can be devastating to a team. Communication breakdowns often lead to avoidance, resentment, and poor relationships which, in turn, lead to lower job satisfaction and productivity. Conducting a team intervention with the WDP can be the starting point for establishing guidelines for handling issues in the future. Even with high functioning teams, there can be some issues, which, if not addressed, have the potential to lead to team derailment.

Organisational Development - The WDP can be used on a company-wide scale to maximise the potential of the entire organisation. Before implementing any organisational development initiative, there is great value in first diagnosing and understanding the role of the organisation’s “culture” and its impact on the new initiative. The WDP looks specifically at factors that affect all work groups.

Needs Analysis - Composite information (Group Profiles) on the WDP can be invaluable in determining future training and intervention needs. Areas of strength can be celebrated and development areas can be specifically addressed in targeted, follow-up training. Group Profiles can be produced for intact teams, specific departments, or the organisation as a whole.

Individual Coaching - The WDP can be used alone or in combination with other assessment tools to help managers prepare to affect change within a group. In the case of conflict, for example, the WDP provides some good input about structural issues that affect team conflict.

Much more than a simple survey, the WDP has two powerful features that aid consultants and workplaces find solutions for problems facing their teams. When the WDP identifies a potential problem within a team, it provides straightforward, practical advice about how to improve that factor.

CommuniCorp Group can implement the WDP in your workplace or provide an accreditation program. We have the exclusive rights for the WDP in the Asia Pacific Region.

Get certified!

Although the Work Dynamics Profile® Report is user-friendly, the feedback can be very powerful for some individuals within a team and both leaders and individual contributors. Since the role of the consultant is important to the value of the feedback and how interventions can be applied, we require that the instrument be administered only by certified professionals. Contact us to find out about our painless certification process.

WDP Authors

Bob Acton, Ph.D. is a Consulting Psychologist. Bob's interests are in how to handle conflict particularly in the workplace and leadership.

Merv Gilbert, Ph.D. is a Consulting Health Psychologist and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University. He is particularly interested in psychologically healthy workplaces.

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